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October 22 2007

Exsultation Registers with training directory services

Exsultation has recently added itself to a web based directory of training, education, learning and development programs and providers.


March 04 2007

Xilinx/Altera USB Parallel Port Cable $99.00

NEW! We have designed a software interface to allow you to use a standard USB Parallel Port Cable to Download your Xilinx and Altera Designs. Costs: $99.00 USD


March 31 2006

2008 Promotion

Exsultation will now be concentrating on in-house seminars. Current promotion for 2008 are cost savings for 8 or more attendees..



eXsultation is a high-tech training organization specializing in courses in VHDL, Verilog, SystemVerilog, SystemC and C++ Hardware Verification for ASICs and FPGAs at both the design entry and verification levels. We specialize in turnkey training solutions that provide a complete and portable training environment.

Over the last 12 years we have trained over 3000 engineers in United States and Canada and our training courses have been recommended by all our customers.

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Hands On Training

Hands On TrainingOur classes are limited to14 attendees.

  • One computer station per attendee
  • Hardware development systems,
    for downloading labs
  • Free reference guides
  • Instructors with practical design experience


eX Travel Lab

 Our state of the art Travel Lab transforms your conference room into a high tech R&D laboratory, complete with all the hardware and software you need to take your staff to the next level. Our teaching staff has the expertise to bring your ASIC and FPGA teams up to speed with the ever growing complexity of today's designs.